Saturday, September 24, 2005

Age Gaps

I had only spoken to him twice on the phone, but that was enough to know that he wasn't the one for me. It wasn't the easiest position to be in, considering our personalities were very compatable.

Perhaps I feel horrible because I didn't stop it sooner, even though I knew that 30 was too old for me from the very start. I also wasn't as physically attracted to him as I probably should be. But, I was desperate for conversation.

It sounds harsh, because 30 is far from old. But age gaps are the devil, I'm convinced. It wasn't 30's fault. It was 21's fault. It doesn't matter if a person is 30, and dating a 41 year old. It is one lesson on relationships that I have confirmed that I will never be able to hold.

You think I would've learned with the 32 year old I was seeing, but I didn't. It just didn't sink into my thick skull I guess.

So, I broke this new guy the news this morning when my feelings on the topic pretty much peaked out, and persuaded me to make my decision to "just be friends".

He wasn't so happy about that. And I can't blame him.

I'm such a jerk.


I didn't work with the hot supervisor last night as expected. Instead, I worked with the short bitchy italian lesbian. I was driven to the edge of insanity with people lining up at our gas pumps, and lines of customers that snaked its way back into the beef jerky isle.

Customers were telling us the wrong amounts on the wrong pumps, and to ad to all the chaos, I am required to get descriptions of every vehicle that I activate the pump for. (We have 10 gas pumps, and 2 kerosene pumps.)

So, when issues began developing, I couldn't remember who was on pump 9. My mind was fogged by commotion.

There was a car out there, was that them? Or was it someone paying at the pump?

My assistant manager approached the confusion, and asked me who had been on pump 9. She wanted a description of the vehicle and person.

When I couldn't deliver, she told me that I'd better hope the person sitting out there was them, or I was getting written up.

"If you don't have a description of these cars, you're not doing your job."

Excuse me?

I ring circles around EVERYONE on register, I'm the ONLY one who can do anything with the lottery machine, and I'm the one in charge of keeping track of all swarmed gas pumps and welcoming EACH AND EVERY ONE, as well as writing down a description of each.

It doesn't help that our gas pumps are off to the side, because our store is designed ass-backwards, and I have to look almost completely behind me to see pumps 1, 2, 3,and 4.

To make matters worse, if someone is parked in a van, SUV, or a truck in front of the window, you must WALK OUTSIDE and get descriptions.

Note: All of this is expected to happen even when you are left alone and there is a line of customers.

Multi-tasking anyone?

My stomach was in a twisted knot by the end of my 4 hour shift. Tonight, I have 6 hours.

If I'm working with the cutie, things won't be so bad.

Unlike others I work with, he notices my efforts, instead of having impossible expectations of me.

Employee "S" and I were discussing our situation. Work has gotten considerably harder lately, especially with football games and buses, and gas prices. And yet, we are expected to always deliver smiling customer service with the utmost professionalism.

As if.