Monday, September 05, 2005

Before-Bed Bubblings

I saw a man at work today with a Def Leppard shirt on. If I hadn't been predisposed the the massive green monster of a lottery machine, I would've bubbled on and on as I tend to do any time music is mentioned. I have a couple customers that ask me regularly to let them know if, when, and where Def Leppard will be touring.

Dad is sleeping on the couch, but I so badly want to crank the "Hellraiser" cover, featuring Justin Hawkins of The Darkness. I mean as much as I love "Waterloo Sunset", and "No Matter What", this one has GOT to be one of the best from the Leppard covers disc that I've heard so far. Joe Elliott's raspy emotive vocals are a key part of that song. Pure rock. From what I've heard of the album so far, I'm really impressed with Mr. Elliott as a singer, and how his voice is embraced, rather than polished. And Justin's part is relatively small for those of you who were mortified with the idea.

I have a new friend. Meet Leslie. Okay, so I really don't know her personally...but she stopped by my blog, so she MUST be cool, right?


The other night, there was a collaboration between my best friend, my aunt, and my cousin that will not soon be forgotten.

In an attempt to make me scream and run like a woman, my cousin darted across the blackness of the yard right to me, emitting a vicious growl, while sporting a joker hat, and green buck-toothed mask.

Oh yeah, and he was NAKED.

Now if only I could find something equally disturbing to pay them back with!