Saturday, October 01, 2005

Cuties Galore

Wahlberg 2.0 was in tonight, and I worked with Super Boy!

I saw a bit of chest hair on Wahlberg and it was an absolute turn on. I could've just reached across the counter and jammed my tounge down his throat -- but I refrained. He was with his boyfriend, who is a very nice guy. His 10 seconds at the counter were so dreamy.

"Have a good night."

"You too."


I had worked with Super Boy for most of the afternoon, which was probably the only reason I didn't walk out tonight.

He came back to the kitchen, making funnies and making conversation with me. He definitely puts forth effort to talk to me, but I try to avoid getting my hopes up on his sexuality.

He seems so gay. He carries a Louie Vaton wallet for God's sake. But, how to pose the question?

I still don't know if he knows I am.

OMG! The shirt! I can wear my "Sorry, I don't do girls" shirt to work.

Whatever the case, I'm sure I'm going to try to have dirty dreams about both of them.

OMG! A Wahlberg/Michael/Super Boy orgy!