Saturday, October 22, 2005


It was rainy today, an ideal day to make money. I knew the 2-10 shift was ahead of me, but my spirits weren't dampened.

I hopped in the shower, and sang No Doubt's "Bathwater" into my washrag, which I had formed in the shape of a microphone. I dried off, singing God knows how many OTHER songs, before I slipped into my blue work uniform.

Down the stairs I cantered, peering out the window to see how much it was raining. It was raining enough to get me wet, so I grabbed my army green pancho, threw the hood up over my blue hat, and shot out the door as if propelled forward by some invisible rubber band.

Today, I was going to work with Super Boy.

I love October. It's probably my favorite month of the year. Colorful leaves lay scattered, wet, and flattened on the wet road. Their color seemed amplified by the moisture, and dark backdrop.

About 15 minutes later, I had arrived. Super Boy wasn't due in for another hour, but as I waited on customers within the first hour, I kept peering outside for him.

"He's stopping at another store on his way to pick up some transfers."

I was eaves dropping on my managers in between the opening and closing of my register drawer.

I headed outside to check up on a customer, and it just so happened Super Boy was headed across the parking lot, balancing various transfer items precariously in his arms. His arms were wrapped around the items like a pretzel.

I wish it had been me inside his arms!

I checked on my customer, rather quickly, and then darted back and held the door for Super Boy.

Time passed, and you know, I was so enthralled with Super Boy, that it's hard for me to remember EVERYTHING we chatted about. There were a lot of smiles, and laughter.

I like to think of it of flirting. It was slightly more amplified tonight. A tad bit more progress I suppose.

We were laughing at how chewing tobacco comes in "long cut" and "fine cut". There's even "long cut straight".

He laughed at me saying long cut, and I laughed too, thinking he meant "long, and cut". (As in, penis.) He goes "I'm kind of wondering what is so funny about that", as he organized the shelf, chuckling.

At first I thought perhaps he WASN'T following...until he cracked, "Oh look...average cut!" (There is no such tobacco!)

It was evident at that point that he WAS following the joke, and we continued to play on it for a bit more.

We talked about Uno's resturant, and how much we liked it, and at THAT given point, I should have said about going to eat there some night BUT...I have no spare money from this check!!!


We also talked about the upcoming Christmas party...and how everyone dances and stuff. (Or at least, me and one other employee do! LOL!) And he said about how he "isn't going" (jokingly), to which Employee S responds "Then I'm not going!"

I said the same thing, hoping he would be receptive to my hint. I have no real way of knowing how it made him feel, but his smile seemed sincere.

He was supposed to finnish a story of his (about Uno's) with me, but we got so busy toward the end of the night, and he started checkout, so I couldn't stay and chit chat.

I so wanted to. Overall, good vibes.

No "date"...but we're a little closer. I'm a little dissapointed with how the night went, I mean...I got into a squabble with one of my co-workers, PLUS i didn't get as far as I'd hoped with Super Boy, but I think maybe I was trying to be a bit greedy with the situation. I had cinderella hopes, and all because I made him laugh.

Everything in time will come.

Now, let's just hope this isn't all for nothing, or I'm going to feel really stupid!

I mean, my pulse was racing tonight. Every time he looked at me, and spoke...and was like...WAMO -- goosebumps, and this warm feeling inside my chest and back that made me want to smile. My face ached from smiling.

I'm trying to hard to NOT get my hopes up, but I think it's fair to say it's too late.:)

*runs away giggling*