Monday, October 10, 2005

Super Boy

(For the record, in the previous post title, I said "I'm Sick" -- however, that was made in reference to my obsession with Gwen Stefani.)

During my last hour of work today, Super Boy came in. The hour in which I worked with him seemed to fly, and as I walked past him in the kitchen to leave he asked a question.

Him: "Are you leaving!?"

Me: "Yeah...I'm done at 4."

Him: "Awe....that sucks."

He had a look of dissapointment on his face. Super boy wanted to work with ME. Yes people, ME! I was flattered by his reaction, and even more flattered when I noted that he took extra time making my buffalo chicken sub. (He reheated the sandwhich to make sure the cheese melted completely -- not something we normally do.)

We exchanged smiles and laughter as I stood off the clock, hanging out in a place that is normally one hell of a drag. I would like to think of it as flirting, but I'm not sure how he feels.

Everything in time will come.