Saturday, October 29, 2005


Where to begin? I have plenty of events to write about (not so positive events), but I've been delaying my entry until I could sit down and think about everything. But as I wait, more things happen, and it becomes even more difficult to remember the fine details.

I think I last left off the day of my meeting -- during which I was looking forward to the possibility of riding with Super Boy, and socializing with him. To make a long story short, he sat across the room (he had to come late) and I didn't get to ride back in town with him.

What's worse? He brought up his ex-girlfriend prior to the meeting, when we were talking about cars. Ouch.

And then, at the meeting, it was brought up how he MIGHT be TRANSFERING (again!) to another store to go for the assistant manager position.

The thoughts running through my head about Super Boy are so complex that even I haven't figured out what I think about the whole thing. I mean, the last "gay" guy that worked with me was actually bisexual. I mean, he seemed very gay. He even got into the pants of ANOTHER male co-worker who is bisexual (evidently) but still deals mostly with woman. (Or what I refer to as, "THE BEEF CURTAINS", LOL!)

So, the prospect of hooking up with Super Boy is a great deal slimmer than it was before (especially if he's just in the closet). Prying into his mind is something that could take some time, which in turn could be inhibited by his transfer to another store.


So, the clock is ticking with Super Boy. I'm convinced he's gay. Whether he admits it or not.

Employee A brought up my sexuality to him. For some reason, she thought I DIDN'T want him to know, and apologized to me.

"I'm sorry. I don't know for sure if he even heard me."

I guess when she brought it up, his eyes got big and he goes "Wait...what? Wha-what did you say?"

After the meeting at work, I headed home. I was depressed not only because of the revelations of Super Boy's ex-gf and transfer only to see dad peering around the corner at me, poised for attack.

Suddenly he flew off the handle about me leaving the iron plugged in when I left.

"I unplugged something." I said, as I bent down to figure out which cord I had taken out of the outlet.

He started SCREAMING and YELLING, and even tossed the chair forward in a burst of speed while he did it.

I dare not repeat what left his mouth. It felt like I was living at my aunt's all over again.

"Back the fuck off!" I yelled.

At that point he flew at me, and pushed me back.


I darted out the door and slammed it behind me. The screaming and fighting between my parents continued, as my mom viciously defended me. It was pouring rain.

I was cold, soaked, and bawling. So, I headed to the reservoir to see the ducks. I ended up walking around town for awhile, my hair-glued spikes long flattened by the pitter patter of raindrops on my head.

One might say I was soaking it all in.

I went down to work where I hung out with Super Boy for close to 3 HOURS. He was very friendly, as usual. I had an opportunity to tell him about my sexuality but it didn't seem right. I felt weird, with his girlfriend comment, so I let it fly by.

I haven't worked with him since, although I DO work with him on Monday.

Though the situation is a lot less optimistic than it was before. I'm sure you'll hear more about him in the I try to pull him out of his shell.


In other news, Wahlberg 2.0 has re-entered the picture. As drop dead hot as he is, I'm thinking he's bad news.

A source or two tell me he has an addiction to coccain, and it seems he's with MANY different guys.

I have to wonder if I could change that, but I highly doubt it.

Why do hot guys always end up OFF LIMITS for me!?