Tuesday, November 22, 2005


As if by some change in the alignment of the stars, I don't feel as disliked as I did throughout the past week. I've felt as though everyone had something that they hated about me, and that I wasn't able to make anyone happy. I guess we have weeks like that.

It started earlier this week, when a stranger yelled "you like dudes!" from across the parking lot at work. It was embarrassing, but the kid has been nice ever since so I suppose it was just a joke? I'd like to know exactly how he found out. I suppose he could've drawn the conclusion by hints dropped by Amanda two weeks ago at her place.

The next night was the night I was dissed for wearing earings. I was a "pathetic" man.

And then we have the propane incident:

Man comes in, exchanges a propane tank for a full one. He is decent with me, more indifferent than anything -- even when I hand him the tank, and relock the propane cage. Everything is fine.

I walk back to the store, and hear him honk. He has a buddy. Both are of the hillbilly variety, put both of their worthless brains together and you have half a brain. Chuckling, he gives me a sarcasticly gay wave, wiggling only his fingers, and giving me a wink.

I've seen this person plenty of times to know he ISNT gay, but was just trying to agitate me. It's extra agitating considering I'm not really the type to wave wiggling only my fingers! I'm no flamer.

All this tells me is that he is getting his information from someone, possibly someone with cruel intentions...possibly an ex-friend, or an ex-friends boyfriend. But, lets not point fingers.

Fact is, I've been humiliated a few times this week...and it's made me feel very weird about even going to work.

Today however, things changed...

I wake up to find a package. A package from Yvette who has fast become one of my favorite online buddies.

Let's just say I now have Gwen on Rolling Stone, a Rufus Wainwright poster, the Rufus Wainwright discography (I'm not sure if it's the ENTIRE discography but it's damn close if not!) plus a Rufus Wainwright DVD!

God I owe this woman!!

I'll catch you guys tomorrow.

Peace'n' Love to all.