Saturday, November 19, 2005


Let's talk about maturity.

It's lacking in many people, and it's my biggest pet peeve. Elementary bullshit, in which people write slander in away messages, or taunt you from the safety of their profile.

Allowing boyfriends to make threats towards "faggots", and sitting there without saying a word.

We're talking real life friends here. Friends who have dug themselves into a big hole, but will twist the facts until somehow they believe their own lies. As long as they can sleep at night, things are fine.

Time will take away some friends, and some friends are around long enough to teach you important lessons.

I guess it was my immature friends actions, words, and decisions that made me truly appriciate the great friends I have in life.

I called 911 tonight at work on a thief, and I was offended by a man making rude comments about the fact that I wear earings.

[sarcasm] I love the public! [/sarcasm]