Monday, November 28, 2005

Razor Burn

I need to shave. My face is all stubbly today, and if by chance I was to make out with one of you, I could almost promise you a mean-ass brush burn in the process.

I'm not going to shave tomorrow either. Not until I have time to swing by the store and pick up new razors and shaving gell.

So, for those outthere you have a prefered razor, or shaving gell? I'm seriously inquiring, because I've found that my face is extremely sensitive to razor burn around the neck region, and while it doesn't ALWAYS happen, I'd like to ensure a clean smooth neck for my date with Hot Shot in the future. If I'm not careful, I get a red rash on my neck.

I've found that electric razors are crap. They are a waste of money, and electricity. So, after some searching, I discovered the Mach 3 razor. Is there anything that you would say is better than the Mach 3?

I have found that even the Mach 3 fails me when a lack of shaving gell forces me to use soap as a shaving lubricant. (Yikes.)

I'm just looking for some high quality brand name shaving stuff to prevent razor burn, and the nasty rash that comes with it.