Saturday, December 31, 2005

At Your Convenience

All work and no play makes Michael a dull boy.

My work schedule has not only been long, but also physically painful, chaotic, and dramatic. The fuck factor becomes even more real as I remember that I work from 3 - midnight tonight, which means I will be bringing in 2006 with my least favorite people in the world: the public. Luckily, Amanda works, which will lighten up the situation as she declares that we will celebrate it her own way, and then head to her house.

Tuesday I will call my dermatologist to attempt to get my hands under control. The situation has become ridiculous, and the fact that I must work with the condition has opened me up to what I'm told looks like a "staph infection" on my hands.


Work has been such bullshit lately that even talking about it to my mom has brought me to tears. I nearly walked out last night.


In other news, i have no money for the next two weeks because I just handed my parents $300 of my check. The check was for $320, and I used part of that on food at work without expecting to give that much.

So, how's that situation going, you may be wondering.

Dad got some paperwork today that shows his disability claim is moving along, even if slowly.

Finally, a sign of progress.

It still may not come quick enough. I'm standing firm on the fact that 2006 will be a much better year, and dammit I want and deserve to start my life.

I am the ultimate procrastinator.

Peace and love to all.