Friday, December 09, 2005

The Continuation

I apologize for the split story. I had to help with the Christmas tree, and figured it would give you something to read about later.

We re-arrived at the apartment as the snow fell heavily from the skies. The town was a glowing pink, as it often is when it snows. We shuffled toward his apartment door when door from the next apartment over opened a crack. It was a friend of his, a girl (most of his friends are straight guys btw)who seemed to approve of me, judging by her smiles and friendly behavior.

"Want some hot cocoa?" she tossed Hot Shot a couple packets of it.

The three of us chatted for a minute, through the crack of her slightly opened door. He was so cute with his green and white shamrock hat, and hands in his coat pockets. He kept looking at me, eyebrows raised intently. Adorable.

As a token of his attraction towards me, he not only mentioned going fishing with me sometime, but gave me a pair of his knee-high socks to wear and keep. (We both think wearing socks and only socks is HOT.)

"They'd look hot on you."

I kicked off my shoes and socks and slid them on....pulled up to my well-toned hairy calves and grinned.

His parents called, and due to the unexpected bad weather (an unforseen blessing that made me thankful for the previous cancellations)there was the prospect of possibly having them spend the night as well.

It would've been okay though. Neither of us had any real problem with it, and if nothing else it would've kept us out of trouble.

Would've, being a keyword here.

He threw a santa claus hat at me repeatedly, and then a pillow with a flirty grin on his face.

His parents ended up not coming, and by 11:30 PM we decided we feigned exhaustion and headed toward the bedroom.

"I can sleep on the couch, you can have the bed. That way you don't feel uncomfortable." he stated.

He had dropped a few lines about cuddling earlier that evening, and I certainly wasn't against the idea.

"No that's fine. I don't have a problem with you sleeping beside me. I can't sleep in my jeans though...can I borrow a pair of your shorts or something?"

I put on his shorts, and with them, a t-shirt, and two knee high socks I slid down into the blankets with him beside me.

What followed next was the cutest question I've ever had directed toward me.

He was laying on his back, staring up at the cieling when his eyebrow shifted. He was preparing for a question.

" it too soon to cuddle?"

"I don't think it is."

Without hesitation he rolled over to me, wrapped his arms around me and we almost instantly began kissing.

More kissing, some rolling around, and finally some groping ensued over the course of the next couple hours.

Things calmed down, and he mentioned getting sleepy and so with that, we slid down under the covers tightly, my crotch to his butt, and spooned for the next 40 minutes where we went in and out of sleep.

To be honest, I was almost dissapointed. I wasn't finnished with him, the cute bastard.

Just when I started dozing off again, he rolled around to face me. I felt his hand slide down inside my pants, feeling up my butt.

He was supposed to be sleeping!

But I returned the gesture anyways with a smile. His eyes were closed the entire time.

Finally, I got sick of the hinderance of boxers and shorts and ripped them off. He did the same.

What ensued after that was a rather private affair, more rolling around and no sex in any form. (Although we came quite close, I opted to wait.) I will say, a lot of touching. Very friendly touching.

I enjoyed it so much though.

He apologized the next morning, saying that he felt like he corrupted me into doing more than what I wanted.

"If I didn't want to, I wouldn't have."

He took me home this morning around 11 AM, and talked a bit about his schedule and how he has 6 days off in a row coming up shortly.

"So I get a second date then?" I asked, as I stepped out of the car.

"Of course. Why do you think I want you to know my schedule? I think you're awesome." he smiled.


I can't wait until the next date.