Sunday, January 15, 2006

Snub? Or Technical difficulties?

One of two things has happened:


a) Comments aren't able to be verified.


b) People simply aren't commenting.

Either way, there are no comments coming through on my end, and I know at least Jude has attempted. I didn't want people to think I'm ignoring or rovoking comments. The fact is, I'm simply not recieving anything via email like I normally do to verify and approve comments.

I can't say I'd blame anyone for the latter being that I rarely comment on anyone else's blog these days. Don't hate me though...I've just backed away a bit to get a better view of the real picture.

It turns out I had 15 comments waiting to be approved, but for some reason only one got to my email addy, and that was from Karen...and it was laying in the spam folder!

I'm not sure how, or why this is happening, but I've changed the email address to so hopefully this will solve the problem. :)

Whew...I feel a lot better now that I know you guys don't hate me.