Sunday, January 29, 2006

Someone flipped my happy button!

So yeah, I've been moping around all night because I couldn't stand the size of the gap between the days that I get to see Zach. My feelings have grown to the point that he's the first thing I think of in the morning, and the last thing I think about at night. (And well...honestly, I spend most of the day thinking about him too!)

Originally, Wednesday was to be our "3rd" date...but our immediate need to see each other has helped us find the gaps in our scheduling. Since our second date, we've managed to find 2 days where we could spend at least a couple hours together.

Yesterday was was so last minute. I got on at 5:30 AM before heading off to work, and Zach said he wanted to pick me up after work and chill before he went in. (Let me add, that's the sweetest fucking thing anyone has done for me, ever!) I was insane not being around him, and I think he felt the same considering it was his idea!

Sure...he had to be at work by 3:45 pm...but that didn't stop him from picking me up at noon and hanging out with me for a couple hours. (The best couple hours ever.) To explain in words what we did would never be good enough...because although "walking around the park" and "sitting in the car for an hour" and "going to burger king" all seem like boring ideas...we made the best of it and STILL had fun.

Now tomorrow, I work 3-8...and I'm going through my Zach withdrawals, so I called him tonight. He's off tomorrow, so he's going to pick me up here at my place around 9ish, and I'm going to stay with him for the night in Bellefonte. He'll have to run me home the next day in the afternoon, but I can't fucking wait.

I can't wait to wrap my arms around that son of a gun and land a smacker right on his lips.


Peace and love to all.