Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Feeling Better

Old man winters grip has been broken for the day, as today was the most springish day I've seen yet this winter.

My day began early to that insanely mind-piercing fuck of an alarm clock piercing my very soul to get my sick, tired ass out of bed. I wasn't aware that I worked at 6 AM until 11:30 the previous night, so upon this discovery I headed straight to bed. (Because being at work by 6 for me means getting up at jolly ol' 5 o'clock in the morning!)

I lay in my bed, completely unrested do to an inability to sleep. A direct result of the constant hacking up of phlegm and disease.

In short, I got about 2 hours sleep. (Which is probably why I'm rambling, and finding myself explaining things in parenthesis.)

The walk to work was warmer than usual. Still chilled, but I could see the horizon on our Pennsylvania mountains igniting in a faint light blue as I watched some of the town wake up and head off to their mindless jobs. (Much as I was doing.)

But you know...while I swept the parking lot, took out the trash, and whiped down our lovely black and shiny gas pumps, the morning light seemed to just totally make me feel so happy.

I did a bit of birdwatching too! Birds were flying around like idiots, singing loudly as if spring had come! Little do they know that it's supposed to snow again!

The snow has receded, and oddly enough, despite this past weeks horrors (oh yeah -- and add an ultra-bloody nose bleed to the list of Things Gone Awry!)I am in such a freakin' brilliant mood that I can barely stand it.

I'm happy, and I don't know why.


By the way, my father has a court hearing next month for his social security. His health problems have been really bad, literally hindering his EATING habits. He can hardly chew.

If this is approved, we can go back to our normal lives, and the days of woe can return once again to the days of yore where mom works LESS, and I can focus on getting myself a car and a life.


Speaking of mom...she took care of me what little bit she was home when I was sick. But being home so much the past few days, I got to see her more than usual.

I miss the time we used to spend together. Not just her, but as a family. (But mainly just her.) HA!

I really love my mommy!

In any case, I feel excellent, and someone must be praying for me because normally all this shit would be weighing me down, but it seems burdens are being lifted from me everyday.

Peace and love to all. Thanks so much for your concerns, prayers, thoughts, and friendships!