Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Word!

I honestly cannot believe the absolute downright ignorance of some people in regards to manners, and common courtesy.

Today, I went to a funeral of a co-worker and friend's father. As a veteran of World War II, a few of his surviving comrads had a ceremony for him, and taps was played with a single trumpet.

It was a small funeral, for a small town, probably not long forgotten man. It made me so sad.

And then, just then, one of his co-combatants cellphones rings!! What's worse, is that he picked up and said "Honey, I'm in the middle of a funeral."

For God's sake....this is no lie...his cellphone rang 5 times throughout the funeral!!

How in God's name does one go around being so damn stupid!


In other news, it's absolutely beautiful here in central Pennsylvania today, and we're going out to grandmas for supper.

I plan to do a little frolicking amongst the birds and animals. One word to describe my feelings: "twitterpated".