Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Show

First place in the professional flat art catagory. It feels awesome.

On top of that, wildlife artist Jocelyn Beatty was there, not competing, but rather, selling her work.

My experience in the past with achieved illustrators is a resistance to share knowledge. Some are friendly, some are arrogant. Jocelyn definitely goes into the friendly catagory, as she assured me that I don't need a college education to become a successful wildlife illustrator.

She commented on how she loved my Blue-Winged Teal, which means a lot considering she was the first female illustrator to win the Pennsylvania Duck Stamp Competition. Like me, she's a duck lover.

We talked about so much, from making prints, to how the competition wrongfully retracted her 1st place win last year, three days after announcing her as the winner.

The encouragement I recieved was simply amazing, and when she shook my hand she commented on how she'd be able to say she knew me when, and that we'd probably be set up selling work side by side very soon.

It means a lot when someone you admire puts so much thought, and encouragement behind their words.


After the long day was complete, I and a slew of taxidermists headed to the Marriott next door, and had some drinks. It was a good time.

I headed home with the folks that I came with, and got plenty more encouragement and congratulations.

And so, I'm just laying the groundwork for a new drawing I'm doing of Mule Deer in Wyoming habitat.

I've gotta say, I've never drawn better. I'm so inspired lately thanks to so many wonderful comments (not just at the show, but on here as well). I'm learning so much, and this is going to be the BEST illustration of a hoofed animal that I've ever done.

The size is HUGE. It's gonna take awhile, but I'll be sure to post it on here when I get that far.

I'm so pumped.

Well...off to do some more artwork. Duck migration is in full swing now, and I'm gonna hop up to the reservoir here in a bit to check out the action.

Peace and love to all.