Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Destination Unknown

I don't know where to begin, so I'm going to try and simplify some of my scrambled thoughts this evening, and post them here.

First and foremost, if your comments are open for all to comment, I think one should be able to give their opinion, even if it opposes that of the blogger at hand. (If the blogger at hand doesn't want open discussion, then perhaps comment moderation, or just plain asking someone NOT to comment would work?) I believe I remember a few other bloggers reminding me of freedom of speech last year, and when I went to Julie's blog, I used that freedom of speech.

Was I wrong? Actually...yes.

I sensed some underlying skeletons from past arguments reseaping to the surface in the "Meet your Meat" entry. If I had it to do over again, I would've said absolutely nothing, because not only was the topic I brought up off the beaten path, but it changed my view on certain individuals, and likely ruined their view of me. I was snapping in reaction to snaps from the past.

So, while I make no apologies for fishing or hunting, I DO want to make an apology for attacking Julie Desjardins publically. I want to apologize for making an assumption on her presumed insinuation, and for causing chaos on her blog. I doubt she's even reading this, but I definitely made a mistake in getting defensive.

I'm not going back to her blog anyways. I'm hated, despised, nipped at, bit at, snapped doesn't matter what I say, the text is misinterpreted, and I'm the enemy. I'm the "stupid redneck". (Btw..isn't that kind of like calling someone a faggot, or a nigger? I mean, it's the same hate-generating attitude isn't it?) I think getting me out of the picture was the goal all along, I just don't fit in, and when I try to, I'm pushed out.


For Marty...what a shame! I mean, I really don't know you all that well, but you claim MY religion has no place in todays society, but evidently your Buddism does?

Well for the record Marty, you worship a dead God. I'm not going to worship a statue let me decide whether or not fishing is ethical! Meanwhile, mine has risen from the grave, and will one day come back for all of us who believe in him. How does that feel? Your own God can't beat mortality, and has you worshiping bovine. Your world is not one I desire at all. It's dark, twisted, full of disgusting things, and yet you criticize me and attempt to humiliate me by bashing my trout fishing! I only hope one day that you find God as a friend, and quit chasing the trend of Buddism.

Also...don't you have pets? Doesn't that go along with "using animals for entertainment"? Seriously though, I think you're being a bit hypocritical. You can't do something half way, I'm sure your pets would love to be free, and be outside living their lives.

Oh - and don't bother commenting, because I'm not going to let it through. You've hurt my feelings so bad, first attacking my personal religion, and then my hobbies.


How ironic is it that everything I am is exactly what people hate about me.

No comments needed...I'm obviously just a dumb redneck who needs to shut the fuck up and go back to my worthless life. I'll never amount to the fly that swarms around a dogs pecker in the summer heat.

Sounds like a plan.