Thursday, April 06, 2006


As I punched in at three o'clock, it was only a matter of moments before the dilemmas started rearing their ugly heads.

First I noted that I was working with employee J, who is much like a barnyard hen. She clucks around, constantly losing things and peckering around like a damned lunatic, forcing me to take the brunt of the customers. Luckily, I'd only have to deal with her for an hour.

I shifted from register over to the coffee area where I began brewing some fresh coffee. Something was awry however, because the pots were only filling half way! Even worse is that it was doing the same thing for all machines, and coffee is one of our top selling items!

Naturally, I panicked and informed the manager. It wasn't long before we discovered the coffee had a brutal saltiness to it.

We phoned maitenance, and got the prick of the litter. As per usual, he bitched and moaned about having to do what our company pays him for, and showed zero sense of humor. He acted as though it was our fault, even though it was proved to be out of our control. (It had something to do with the waterline being worked on up the street.)

So, it was an interesting night that I'm glad is finally over.

By the's been six days since I had a smoke!! I never was much of a smoker, but in the past couple of weeks I broke my record by smoking a pack in one day a time or two. Once I got to that point I realised what I'd become, and haven't bought a pack since.