Monday, May 08, 2006

Before-Bed Ramblings

Yesterday was a good day, despite the three to midnight shift. Someone I had only talked to on the phone came into work, and was quite easy on the eyes.(I'll stop at that, because he reads this blog, and I don't want to give him a big head.) In any case, it's a new friend...and uh...well...yeah. Haha! This, on top of the fact that so many people were offering me support yesterday, and kind words, helped to make my day better.

In sharp contrast, today was horrible. We were short a body from 8 till midnight, extremely busy, and I had one of the rudest customers I've had in ages. Lest I forget the wreck in the parking lot (fender bender), and the heroin loving idiots being cut loose. It's all good though. The more seasoned I get, the more people's commentary, and assonine remarks roll off my back.


It's now 1:16 AM EST, so it's officially "tomorrow", which means I'm off today!

My day will start at around 8:15 AM, when I get up and get ready for the doctors. Tomorrow is my second appointment for the dermatologist, and UNFORTUNATELY while my hands have been GREAT, in the past two days something happened and they started getting all raw again. I'm pissed, because this means they're gonna have to do those stupid patch tests on my back to see what the hell it is that causes my outbreaks.

After the doctors appointment, father and I will be shooting over to the DMV's to change our license. I think he needs a new photo or something, and I am FINALLY getting my address changed from Millersburg (where I lived with my aunt), to this town. It's about damn time, eh?

After that it's drive back home and get our grass cut, before showering, and finally heading off to State College with Wendy and her mom. I'll be sure to do some more artwork while I'm over there.

Oh and Marty -- I'm gonna work it out so that you can just pay to my dad's paypal account. I'll let you know!

Take care everyone. Peace, love, and a big hug goin' out to all.