Friday, May 19, 2006


I'm distressed tonight.

Well, honestly I can't complain too bad. I mean, all the issues I had today were a direct result of my being stressed out, poor, and having a negative checking account balance!! And before you even DARE feel bad for me, let it be known that these were all a result of me being irresponsible with my money!! So, basically, I deserve to be where I'm at right now.

The rest of this month, and most of June is going to be high pressure for mister Michael. Aside from creating at least 10 more pieces of artwork for my exhibit in July -- I also need to make some money to get it all matted and framed for the exhibit by the end of June!! This is hard to even think about when my checking account currently has $30.12, and I just got paid today! Where did it go you ask? Into the $270 in overdraw fees!

Um, how'd that happen? :-
So yeah, to make a long story short I borrowed some money from someone (essentially robbing Peter to pay Paul), and they HAVE to have the money paid back by tomorrow. Well let's just put it this way...the amount I owe is over double what I have in my checking!!! Thus, I just wrote a check for money that isn't in there! (Overdraw fee be damned!) So here I am...this is where my irresponsible accounting has gotten me!!!! I'm writing checks my damn ass can't cash!

I'm in such a mess, and I haven't given my parents ANYTHING from this check. I'm screwed, and gonna get yelled at no matter what I do, and it's MY FAULT.

I hate me.

They say that a wise man keeps track of his money! Well by damned, I'm gonna start striving to be a wiser man!

I'm so embarrassed!!