Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Save yourself the torture, and watch Kill Bill instead. (No pun intended.)

A few thoughts:

The beginning of this movie is essentially softcore porn. While the sight of bouncing boobies, and scantily clothed women may appeal to most boys, I found myself rather bitter with the harsh reality that no butt or wanker would be visible. I truly expected to be thrown a "bone" in the sauna scene, but I was dissapointed!

Cute main character aside, there is really no reason for me to ever watch this movie again. The rest is just disturbing, and some of it is rather far fetched.

My primary concern is whether or not this movie is accurately representing Amsterdam to Americans? I know prostitution is legal, but is it really promoted as much as it was in this particular movie? Do women really dance in windows like that? Surely not at all times of the day right? I mean, what about the children?

Good grief, every aspect of this movie from swaying titties to torched eyeballs has deterred me from ever watching it again! It has more disturbing scenes than you can shake a slice achilles tendon at!