Saturday, May 13, 2006

Rambles O' Pleasant

Honest to God it's true. I love you guys!

Some may say it's not possible to love people you don't know. But I am a living example of someone who does. All the support, friendships, friendly emails and all means more than you could ever possibly know! You guys have helped carve me into who I am today, and therefor I owe you many thanks!

I guess you'd say my time with nature allowed for some great thinking. I thought about how LONG I've been blogging, and how many of life's issues you guys have seen me through. I mean really...we've been through so much together!

Okay, I'm getting all teary eyed over people I've never met! How queer am I!?

Honestly guys are like my armour. When I'm at work and have a mean customer, knowing I can vent about it on here makes me feel so powerful! I know someone will deliver a comment with wit and make it all better.

Anyways, I just wanted to get that off my chest. I thought a good bit about it today.


So it's now May (ok it's well IN to May), and I wonder what wonderful things this month will hold for me? It's really hard to say! This has been such an unpredictable year so far, that I don't even want to start guessing! I see mid May (oh that's tomorrow!) through June as being months filled with artwork and nature scribblings, which will mean little more than absolute HAPPINESS for yours truly. It's gonna be a lot of work, but it's gonna be so rewarding come July! TRUST ME!


In other news, Chris (the rocker) was voted off of American Idol.

Unlike his vast sea of horny female fans, I for one am happy to see him go. He exuded arrogance, and while he IS a great singer, my vote has always gone to the underdog, Elliot Yamin.

Elliot looks a bit like a werewolf who wound up in a singing competition, but I can NEVER wait to hear the sound that comes out of that kid's mouth! He is the best singer in the competition, technically better than Chris, but is definitely a bit lacking in the looks department. It is this simple fact alone that makes me wonder how American Idol would be different as a radio competition. He would definitely win.

It was definitely a surprise to me that Chris was sent home "Elvis" week. If anyone deserved to go, it was the pompous bitch Kathrine who USED to be my favorite. She seems to shrug off the judges critiques with creepy ease, as if she "knows" she's going to win the competition regardless. This arrogance is precisely what i hate to see in ANY vocalist!

Last Tuesday, Elliot undoubtedly ruled the stage. His vocal was absolutely stunning, almost flawless, and the judges called it his "best performance ever". They were definitely right, although my personal favorite was his performance of Sinatra's "It Had To Be You".

So, when Wednesday came, the final four idols were divied into groups of two. In one group was Taylor and Elliot, and in the other was Chris and Kathrine. The people I was watching it with were so confident that Chris and Kathrine were NOT the bottom two, but I argued.

"If America is voting on PERFORMANCE, they ARE the bottom two!"

Just then, it went to commercial.

When we came back, Chris (the one male vocalist for my boy Elliot to overcome) was voted off the show, revealing that I was indeed correct! Chris and Kathrine were the bottom two! And actually, for once, America voted on performance over looks! Despite that, Kathrine really should've been the one to go, seeing as she forgot her lyrics on part of the song.

So with that said, I'm anxiously awaiting for Tuesday. Elliot MUST overthrow the arrogant pompous princess Kathrine, and win this competition. If he succeeds, he will be the underdog of American Idol! If anyone can outsing her, it's him. If anyone deserves to win it's him. He's had my vote from the beginning, but now I'm asking you all...


Okay...'nuff of that.

Oh btw -- an undisclosed friend of mine sent me a yet-to-be-released shot from a recent Def Leppard photoshoot. How nice! Unfortunately, I know I can't post them, because I don't want to get anyone in trouble!

They look sharp!

That's all for now guys!

Peace, love, and hugs to all!