Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Job Stuff

Hello everyone!

I can't say that I've done much nature snooping today, as it's hard to get much accomplished when your ass is rooted to this damn computer chair! I'm surprised nobody has come around to water me yet!

I've been invited to a recognition dinner for three and a half years of employment with the same company. It's going to be pretty cool I guess. The doubt I exhibit stems from my nasty little habit of maintaining dreams and hopes outside of my current j-o-b, keeping me from totally dedicating myself to it, and moving up in it.

There were some photo issues that I helped with, and hopefully the district manager will appriciate! Evidently my store manager didn't have the pictures she took of us the way they needed to be, so Michael and his trusty Sony Mavica to the rescue!

Appearantly, I'm the only person at my store who knows squat about taking digital pictures, and sending them online, because I was quickly dubbed 'photo-retaker'. That said, I have since been rallying co-workers to the store on my shift so that I can retake their pictures for the DM and then send them to her via email (to prepare for the recognition dinner). Today should be the last day for that. Evidently the DM is working on some sort of slideshow!

So, also on a work related note, I basically trained my assistant manager how to mess around with the film she was reviewing after someone drove off without paying for gas! My little lesson helped us catch him, and learn from the film that he in fact told our employee that he had gas, but was never charged!!

In any scenario, work has been chaotic, but I feel a sense of usefulness this week. My assistant is also pulling through for me to give me this weekend off so that I can go back to visit someone I haven't visited since October of 2004.

Yes, that's right. I've made ammends with my aunt M, because in my eyes, life is too short. Our family as a whole is going through some really rough times, and with the new addition of my grandfather physically abusing my grandmother, I think it is important that we as a family pull together.

It's going to be sort of nostalgic for me, being back in the area that I lived in for 9 months. It'll be cool to see Lily, their lab, and all 9 indoor cats. It'll be cool to see the little pond behind the house again, and the Amish market. It'll be GREAT to experience my aunts great cooking again!! I miss that area a lot, as much as I missed this one while I was gone.

Goodwill, and meeting up with some of my old Halifax co-workers is also on the adjenda.

It's going to be really great to blog about. Hopefully I'll scrap up some floppy discs and be able to take you guys along for the ride. I've always wanted to show you how beautiful it is down there along the Susquehanna River.

I hope I can get Sunday covered so I can go!

Well, that's all for now. It's going to be a busy, busy week. I've plenty of work to do before I can relax this weekend. My mind is boggling with tasks that need done!