Sunday, June 04, 2006

Photo Complications

I had a lot of photo complications ranging from a low camera battery and damaged floppy discs, to expired Microsoft Office Photo Manager trials.

Being that I'm so short on time today (thanks to a long day of work ahead of me), I'm just going to post the handful of photos today that I actually DID get. I'm not going to get into the storyline or anything like that though -- but stay tuned, because tomorrow's another day.


What we have below is Pennsylvania's state flower, "Mountain Laurel".

Pennsylvania's State Flower

Mountain Laurel

To the casual observer, it might be confused with it's close relative, Rhodadendron:

Rhodadendron (Greater Mountain Laurel)

Now the above Rhodadendron specimen is a bit easier to distinguish because of it's flaming red flowers, but often Rhodadendron flowers are light pink, or purple, making a casual observers identification process a bit more difficult.

All you have to do is look at how much LARGER Rhodadendron is, and also take note of the different flower shape. It's almost completely different!

Now for some flower pictures from the top of my yard:


more purple flowers


Anyway...after today, I'll have two days off, a charged camera, and HOPEFULLY some interesting stories to tell.

Stay tuned my friends.