Tuesday, August 01, 2006

End of Battle

It's bizarre, I'm really amped tonight, primarily because my father got the SSI he's been fighting for over two years now, but I'm kind of pissed because they aren't back paying us for the two years we struggled. The primary reason for this (and the lawyer agrees that we're getting screwed) is because my father builds turkey calls and sells them out of our basement on rare occassion, and because he hasn't been able to go to the doctors much in the past two years.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth though, as the lawyer said an appeal would mean another year and the same verdict. Dad has medicare now, and can finally get the pain meds needed to help him get through life...and we ARE getting 8 months worth of back pay. Starting in November, he will recieve his check, and I can finally move on with my life, and begin what I've been waiting to begin since I came back to T-town two years ago.

Actually...I've already begun. I warned you all that 2006 would be the year I made some accomplishments in my life, and I meant every word of it. Aside from my artshow, I have learned valuable lessons about people, i've reclaimed my interest with nature (something depression stole from me in 2005), I've met some new people (dated one), I've reclaimed my crown as one of the stronger employees at my job working full-time, and I've had my first ever professional artist exhibit at the T-town Hospital!

I'd say I'm doing well for it just being July. I'm not even going to waste time telling you what other goals I have planned for this year...but I'm doing well. I'm doing fucking amazing, and I love everyone who has supported me through my endeavors.

Say...what do you think of my new haircut? Sexy eh?


I finally went and got one, aftering trying out the shaggy look for awhile. It's nice, and I'm sure my scalp is relieved that it can finally breathe again! My bangs were down to my eyes for God's sake!

I've been doing a lot of shrooming, and while I get the feel that most of you could care less about THAT particular subject, I'm going to post a slideshow of some of my favorites anyway. All of these were found around my house, or within a few miles of my house. But before that...let me add that due to heat, and wanting to show my friends mom my art exhibit, I SKIPPED a nature snooping outing yesterday. I'm glad now that I did, for two rampaging pitbulls were chasing people into their houses out along my grandmas house around my favorite hiking area!

I know that it's the deed, not the breed...but these pitbulls were terrorizing people to no end, chewing at their doors, and trying to attack!

That would've been lovely to face when I'm walking alone, in the woods, about 400 yards from the house! I'd have most certainly been chewed up, if not killed by these vicious dogs, who have evidently been caught, finally.

In any case, thank God I passed the opportunity. Here are some of my favorite slides from the past two months of shrooming. (Many are from today, and this week.)

RockYou slideshow

Peace, love, and shroomies to all.