Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Food: Kicking The Habit

I have a food addiction that I just haven't been able to shake. (Uh oh, I'm making milk-shake references, this is worse than I thought!) It's not of any particular genre of food that holds the brunt of addiction. But rather, it's the whole compilation of deliciousness that causes my inner distress, and my swelling tummy!

Since spring, I've felt a major change in the way I feel about myself, mentally. I've learned a lot things, like how to get my wheels moving again for one. It's nice to have gained traction in life, and the forward motion I now feel should make it much easier to tackle this food problem than it would've been say, last winter when I was at my darkest stages of depression. Thank God I pulled myself out of it, or 2006 would have been a complete repeat of 2005.

Quitting smoking, cutting back extensively on partying, and focusing more on 'the long run' has greatly improved my life this year. It was that 'down time' that made me truly realize that life was not going to wait for me! That said, there is another area of my life that needs to be put back into focus; my eating habits.

Starting today, I am going to eat BETTER FOODS. I am going to ignore junk foods, junk toppings, and fattening condiments. I'm going to completely kick high sugar drinks out of my life. It's time I start LOOKING better, and feeling better PHYSICALLY, to compliment my upgrade in mental self-esteem! And it's time to start RIGHT NOW. I will do it. I will do it, because I can. Because I taught myself that I can.

I will start by completely ignoring the box of blue-berry filled krispy kremes that lay behind me on the dining room table.