Friday, August 04, 2006

From Shitty to Good

I must admit, I awoke today feeling as though I'd been run over. My stomach was turned, my head pounded, and despite the hum of the airconditioner and fan, I was still warm.

You may wonder, was I out drinking? No. I was up late, and had a few things to eat prior to going to bed. Let's see, hot fries, ginger snaps, and a bowl of cereal. Almost immediately following the consumption of these items, I went to bed. ARGH! What a mistake!

I'm a strong dreamer as it is, and they claim that eating before bed will make you d ream even more. I'm a firm believer! I had plenty of dreams, most of which I don't even remember, but I do remember waking up and saying "ugh!" because I felt downright miserable!

So, when I awoke today, it really took me a few hours to rebound. I demanded that I would have a good day, despite work, and I did!

It seems we have a lot of trainees at work, and trainees mean training hours! That, in short, means extra people. Essentially we've been getting extra people to help with the business of summer, and it's much appriciated. I got to float around most of the night doing oddjobs from stocking cooler, to scrubbing the break room. Eventually, I even got to go home an hour and ten minutes early! What a pleasant surprise! (It almost never happens.) I worked with employee K who is not only also gay, but she is a FUN person to be around!

Then it was back home, into the showers to wipe off the grimey sweat accumulation of the day, and off to Wendy's were I helped her write a cover letter and resume for a new job she's applying for. It works out in the end, because I'll be making one of those for myself tomorrow to apply for an illustrator position in this outdoor magazine. (Btw, if I get it I expect you all to subscribe!)

I can't make copies of my art until around mid-September, but until then I can make all the necessary preperations to mail it out.

And on a final note for tonight, my photo of the beautiful Amethyst Coral mushroom has been nominated for August Photo of the Month on one of my favorite Shrooming boards. I'm pretty pumped, especially considering I just joined the forum a week or so ago!

Amethyst Coral (Clavulina amethystina)