Monday, August 07, 2006

Hell Raisin'

I must say that I'm really proud of my Def Leppard. These guys have worked so hard, and to see them finally get the airplay and video spots they deserve (well, almost as high as they deserve) is really great.

Something tells me this next studio album is going to be their best since Pyromania. There is a new vibe coming from Def Leppard, and it's not one of nostalgia. It's one of a rock band that is well-seasoned in the artistry of hard rock, and people are finally listening to what this band says.

Here's hoping.

Btw..."ROCK ON" peaked at # 7 on the VSPOT countdown, and we need more fans to go and vote for the song on the VSPOT Top 20 to get it back on the list.

>>Music>VSPOT Top 20>Vote for Def Leppard (if they aren't on the list, do a WILDCARD)

I'm really hoping there will be another single from YEAH!, and I really hope it's Hell Raiser. :)