Monday, August 21, 2006

My Social World

In my obsession with nature, I've almost completely forgotten my social life! So, today, I decided it might be a good idea to mix both, in hopes that I could instill in them an appriciation of nature. We've all decided to go to Tytoona Cave. Toni and I have been there before, not together, but Amanda has yet to see the cave in all it's glory. I'm hoping that the recent rains have restored the stream, making for some excellent (less dry) pictures.


It's very probable that I won't be making a trip to see Def Leppard in Pittsburgh, but as more dates are added, I keep my eyes peeled for a Bryce Jordan date. Now that the dates are into November, when my father gets his SSI checks, I have a better chance of affording the tickets, etc. And so, unless I stumble on some unforseen fortune of money, I won't be going to see my boys at all. It's no big deal though, even if they don't add any nearby post-November dates, there is always the next tour. I'm not much for seeing a double-ticket anyway. I'd rather be surrounded with Leppard fans than a mixture of Leppard and Journey fans. (Note: I skipped Leppard on their Bryan Adams co-headliner as well!)

Speaking of music...has anyone picked up the new Christina Aguilara disc? I love it. It has such an old classic sound...which I adore. I will be buying it. I WILL be buying it. Maybe even today.


That said...things are going okay. Other than of course, someone in my family saying that I "don't help my parents". WTF!? Where are they getting their facts? It almost makes me wonder if my parents are running around saying I should be helping them MORE than I already am.

Crazy. No fucking way. If they want more, I'll just move right the fuck out tomorrow like I'd LIKE to do.

Oh yeah...I'm getting a 29 gallon fish tank soon. For really cheap too. I plan on getting some tetras, swordtails, platies, a few bottom feeders, and perhaps even a gourami or two. I'm still doing my research.

Stay tuned.