Sunday, September 03, 2006


I find it hard to swallow, that already August has faded into history. Appearantly, September is going to be a month of rain. (No complaints from my mycophagist side). Temperatures today are very crisp, and fallish. The nights have been perfect for sleeping. (But better if I had someone to snuggle up to.)

By the 18th of this month, my exhibit will be done, and I can move on to my next feat; striking up an illustration job with PA Game News Magazine. That aside, I have a couple people in my "company" with corperate connections (District Manager, and corperate worker) telling me to submit some of my catchy advertising phrases, and illustrations to the corperate office. Why? Because "****** loves people with the company culture." In short, people who have worked on a store level, have an advantage.

So...not wanting to jinx myself, please pray that this door opens for me.

Michael? Driving a company car? Making between 45 - 60,000 a year? It hardly seems possible. But, it's worth trying for. They seem to have faith in my abilities.

That said, mother is now officially unemployed, along with father. She will be recieving a few checks this coming week to supliment, and has already got another job 'if she wants it', to start in a week or two making MORE than she did before.

My world is kind of shuffled up right now, but it's full of optimism despite the existence of things that I obviously could, should, and would normally be mad about. But fuck that. Who has the time to be mad?

Say a prayer for me, so that I may get these jobs.

Peace, love, and happiness to all.