Monday, October 09, 2006

The Day in Brief (kinda)

It's now 1:21 AM, and I'm just sitting down, and finnishing my pepperoni pizza sub and fat-free milk before bed. It's funny, because I HAVE lost some weight...but my diet has gotten worse. I simply do not have TIME for junk food, and I typically end up eating "supper" some time after midnight now. Doesn't that qualify as breakfast? Hmmm....perhaps I just coined a new term: supfast.

Work went by swiftly, and as usual, it ended long before I was ready for it to. Once again, there was plenty left for tomorrows management to do, but for ONCE, I DID get a lot of things done that I needed to. For instance...this is the first day I ever successfully did day deposite by myself. It's so simple...and I completely complicated it. Typical me.

On the downside of things tonight, the scheduler forgot that the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing Seattle, and we had quite the rush, and unprepared! It was not a typical Sunday by any means, in fact, we were busy from 6 - 10, non-stop, and minus a person to boot! So, that meant aside from making a pile of orders along side my kitchen person, I was flying through customers on register like nobodies business. Register is a breeze though, seriously. I'm one of the strongest, if not THE strongest register person our store has. The kitchen however, is another story.

So...yeah...I'm going to catch a lot of hell this week, because the assistant and store managers were both off all weekend, and I was left with basically, no help.

"Welcome to the world of shift supervisors Michael."


I'm in a good mood. Tomorrow, I will have a cellular device. Oh yeah -- and I almost forgot! I'm off for two days, going to ELK county in northern Pennsylvania to photograph some of the fall foliage and wild color. I can't wait for either occassion, because with a new battery in the camera, it's going to be a photographic journey worth seeing! Stay tuned for that. For now, you'll have to settle for some late-evening digital pics of Cold Run Park in Phillipsburg, PA. It's about 20 minutes from here, in the middle of nowhere...but it made for some nice pictures.





On that note...I'm off to bed. More than anything right now, I miss Coffee Guru. I miss his kisses, and his cuddles, and yes...even his snoring. But tonight, I'm settling for a pillow.

Love, hugs, and happiness to all.