Saturday, November 18, 2006

Daily Ramble

I handed the boss my typed letter requesting demotion, and she looked at me with crooked eyebrows and asked why. Honestly, that response was a bit surprising. It boggled my mind to think she had managed to scrape up the audacity to even SAY such a thing. It was like "Michael, what are you thinking!?" -- but the RELIEF I feel having done this has made me feel so much better. With a lighter load, I'm already making plans, and feeling a re-surge in personal power. I feel, slowly but surely, the better part of me coming back around and waking up from the coma I've been in for the past couple months.

So yeah...hi everyone. Michael is back.


Today was rather uneventful. I awoke sometime around ten o'clock in the morning. In my typical dishoveled state I shuffled downstairs lazily. Sporting my trademark green shorts (with tropical flora) and a fleece shirt, I ambled outside for a few infectious puffs of Marlboro Mild, contemplating my decision on demotion, and what up and coming plans I might have.

With lungs now freshly revamped with rat poison and other harmful chemicals, I departed from my porch perch, came back into my house, and sat on the computer until about 1:45 when I opted to get ready for hell work. I typed up my letters...all professional like. I typed up the demotion one, and one thanking my boss for giving me an early shift on Turkey Day, and another requesting that I finnish my Christmas Eve shift by 6 PM.

Upon my early-arrival, I ordered a buffalo chicken breast sandwhich, which just so happened to be made-to-order with a thin lining of pepperoni. I also grabbed an apple turnover before paying, and heading for the back room where I would feed and smoke until punch-in time.

I worked with employee K today. That was fun. Honestly, she's probably one of the best friends I have at work, despite recent cat fights we've had over my supervisory position.

In all honesty, I expected perhaps an "I told ya so" sort of situation with her, but she's been very atuned to my feelings. She tells me not to feel bad, offers support, and is glad I'm going back to "the old Michael".

In all, tonight flew by very quickly. It was disturbingly busy with the playoff football games going on in town. Our small country bumpkin football team is whomping everyones ass, and tonight, it was Forest Hills who was destroyed 40 to 22. We are an undefeated AA high school team who is destroying AAA teams with the untmost ease. Things will start to get a bit trickier though come time to play the city boys from around Pittsburgh.

The lines snaked around the 'coffee island', and the hot chocolate/cappucino machines had to be filled just frequently enough to be annoying. They were forever clogging, or running out of powder due to overuse. I kept coffee going, and boy was it ever selling! Gas pumps were full of cars, and lines were full of disgruntled Forest Hill fans.

I got a 15 minute break..just long enough to woof down a jalapeno pretzel, cherry turnover (ok, i'm a turnover addict), and cigarette.

The lines continued, and I ended up staying 10 or 15 minutes after ten just to help clear the lines of cold and hungry football fans out of the store. It was kind of fun.

After I punched out, I crawled into Wendy's car (my personal taxi) and we went to her house, talked about celebrity gossip, smoked, and eventually left for the store I work where an array of regulars made small talk in the parking lot with me.

I returned my cursed necklace-alarm, and turned in my "Schedule Wish List" before finally returning to my pad to hang out, and chill out with some music. And so, here I am.

I'm going to see about throwing another pictionary party (jello-shots included) very soon. Perhaps this weekend.

Love, hugs, and happiness to all.