Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Gwen Stefani: Wind It Up

Let's talk about Gwen, because afterall, it is her that makes me happy. Or more specifically, the first single and video, "Wind It Up".

To begin with, if you hated Hollaback Girl, don't even bother trying to like this one. That in mind, if you hated Hollaback Girl, but like yodeling (yeah, I said it) or The Sound Of Music, you might want to check out her video below afterall. There are many 'hollabacks' to this well-known musical in both the yodeling parts, and symphonic soundtrack.

Having taken those direct samples from Sound of Music, Gwen and The Neptunes have come up with another hot club track. Though the verses are almost annoyingly unmusical, they are surprisingly catchy - and she will undoubtedly make a successful return to disc jockeys CD cases with this rhythmic single.

"When you hear the bass bang, realize it calls your name. Let the beat wind you up and don't stop till your time is up."

I have a feeling however that just as with Love Angel Music Baby, the best songs will remain unreleased. I've heard some of the other songs, and this album is much more modern sounding than the retro LAMB. They're really good songs though.

In anycase, one cannot say that Wind It Up is a direct copy of Hollaback Girl. It's not anyone trying to "make hollabackgirl II". Well...perhaps in it's release as a single...but reality is, this song was written and recorded before Hollaback Girl was even a hit, so how could they have known?

While Fergie (of black eyed peas) has spent the past few months trying to rip Gwen's style in her OWN solo effort, I don't think she expected a second solo album from Stefani. It's ok Fergie...just hand the "I'm a white girl who's really funky" crown back to Gwen, and we'll forget you ever tried.