Friday, December 22, 2006

Before-Bed Ramblings

It's 10:48 at night, and it's been a very rough night at work. Everyone who was shopping today passed through our doors for coffee, gas, and a quick supper. Some were pleasant and understanding, others ignorant, rude, or even drunk. Needless to say, I have approximately 7 hours before I have to be back in that hell-hole, and I'm not looking forward to it one bit! What's more is that there are EXTRA people working in the morning. I'm really not even NEEDED. Why don't I speak up? Because everyone's hours have been cut, and now I'm back to working somewhere in the 25 - 30 hour workweek.

I look at this cut in hours as a great opportunity. I ran to A.C. Moore and bought some bristol, ink, and quill pens with the intention of focusing obsessively on my artwork. Months have passed since my art exhibit, and having lived with the artwork (seen in the previous post) for so long, I see a lot that can be improved upon. These new winter hours will allow that.

Funnily enough, I got an early Christmas present from my friend; a book dedicated to my idol Ned Smith's PA GAME NEWS coverart. I read a bit about Ned, and it talked about how it was a layoff from the shoe factory in which he worked that finally allowed him to break into the art field extensively. Hopefully the same will happen for me soon. All I know is that with these chaotic work days, it can't happen soon enough!

Now, if only the copies of my artwork would get here so I can get this thing in the mail!

Happy Holidays everyone! And thanks for the Christmas cards, and compliments on the artwork.