Sunday, December 17, 2006


With it's cylindrical, wire mesh body filled to the top with black oil sunflower seeds, my new feeder is ready to serve a bounty of small songbirds. Each winter they come in hordes; jays, finches, cardinals, sparrows, nuthatches, juncos, and woodpeckers. Today a beautiful male cardinal zipped overhead as I hung my feeder from the arbor. He emitted sharp "chip" noises as he watched from the security of a shrub.

Due to my fanaticism of ornithology, I opted to contribute to my neighbors collection of feeders by adding the feeder of which I speak to our own property. I hope to add quite a few more in the next month or so. In time, this will create a huge feeding station which will hopefully attract an array of bird species. As of now, I've only added the one green wire mesh feeder, which holds only oil sunflower seeds. However, in due time I will be adding a thistle feeder, some suet, and hopefully a platform feeder in some form.

Expect some bird photos in due time.