Monday, January 22, 2007

Hey Gorgeous!

Standing poised at my cash register talking to Rita, I was taken by complete surprise as a man somewhere in his late 20's to early 30's turned and looked at me directly in the eyes as he hurried to the bathroom.

"Hey gorgeous!" he exlaimed loudly, as he passed by.

There was instant shock from my face - as there were definitely other people around the store. Who was this person? For a couple minutes I pondered, waiting for the person to come back from the restroom and zoom right back out the door.

Well, that is exactly what he did - but before I could ask him any questions he departed with "see ya later gorgeous!".

Who the hell is this person?

It could only be someone from the internet. I've never really seen this person before - in fact, I can't remember exactly what he looked like other than the fact that he had lighter colored hair, and a t-shirt that was tucked in the front. Hmmmm...

Whatever the case, it made my day interesting. Here's hoping he comes in again so I can rake his mind for details.

Until next time...