Wednesday, February 21, 2007


So I talked to the managing editor of ODT today. He loved the cartoon I drew. The fact that I drew an 88 on his hat (some personalized meaning - which he had no clue I knew about him) really threw him for a loop. It will be in the March issue and was "good enough to keep large" on the page. So that's awesome.

In other news the vice president of the PTA called. They're doing something different this year in having live animal reference in one of the rooms of the convention center. Two sculpters will be working from life in the room, and the vp asked if I'd be willing to do some 2D art to go along with the mood. I'll be answering questions from random passers by he thinks, but other than that it's very unformal. Plus, it's always great to draw from live reference. There's even going to be an artificial pond set up with waterfowl!

I survived first I always do. I hate my job though, honestly. There's so much bullshit and backstabbing - plus dealing with the public. It's all just kind of wearing down on me. Maybe one day I'll have a name for myself in the outdoors field and will be able to make a living at that which I love.

American Idol hasn't really been hitting the spot with me this year. Malakai is my favorite so far...but I don't think he's quite good enough to win the competition. In fact, I don't think any of the people seem good enough to win the competition! But...someone will. Hopefully the girls bring it on tonight. Also - I hope they all brush up and get better. They usually do as the season progresses.

Totally lovin' the new CD's.

Later gators....

Love n Peace