Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Spent most of the day on my ass. Fat cells multiplying, I hate two helpings of mom's homeade lasagna, 4 no-bakes, a carmel apple encrusted in heath and m&ms and two massive hunks of extra sharp cheddar cheese.

Major snow accumulation forced me to go fix my feeders and refill the platform. I watched from brother's bedroom window as a pair of cardinals skillfully de-shelled the sunflower seeds from the platform feeder today. Also - typically feeding on the ground - I noticed slate-colored Juncos feeding from none other than the thistle feeder! Desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose.

In regards to the car, I'm going to give it a few days to marinate. I'm gonna wait and let word get around that I need a co-signer. If nobody steps up I have another plan. I'd rather get the co-signer though.

Went outside and played in the snow for a bit with the little bro. Had fun, but became exhausted quickly. Even felt like I was going to puke after trotting uphill 20 yards in the deep snow.

American Idol was ok. It starts getting GOOD next week. Yay.

Love n Peace