Friday, February 09, 2007

Memory Lane

Standing in my jungle of a bedroom I noticed the large blue plastic 'tub' I keep not only my gay pornos in - but also my Def Leppard collection. It's been awhile since I opened it.

On top, delicately cushioned by my vintage Adrenalize t-shirt was the famed book Animal Instinct. Now, Monique may have to refresh my memory as to how I won it - but I know I won it off of her website. Hmmm...was it for Phil Collen Psychotropia? I can't seem to remember! But what I do know is that holding it in my hands brought back some memories. Memories of DefSolNet, the Satellite Of Love forum and just all around "warm" concert memories.

After pausing long enough to reminisce, I dug deeper - revealing VAULT and SLANG in vinyl LP form. I can vividly remember bidding ferociously for these to add to my collection of Leppard LPs - most of which were relatively easily attained. (I passed on an On Through The Night LP and wished I hadn't!) With that, I pulled on a vintage HYSTERIA TOUR t-shirt and began taking new, updated photos of myself. It was Michael...the Def Leppard fan. It was the nostalgia, the vibe, and the barely detectable magic of those memories that pulled me into that blue tub - and now here I was, back at square one, getting just as excited about Don't Shoot Shotgun, Rocket, and Armageddon It as I had in 1999 when I first got the VAULT CD.

Unlike the vast majority of die-hard fan days didn't start back in 1983 with PYROMANIA, or even '87 with HYSTERIA. I some ways it did...but it wouldn't be until 10 years after the end of the HYSTERIA tour that I would even "discover" Def Leppard as an essential ingredient in everyday music.

I remember opening VAULT on the edge of my bed. I can remember delaying for days...because I wasn't "really" excited for any of the music, other than "Sugar". In all honesty, at that point I wouldn't have been able to tell Def Leppard from (gasp) POISON!!!! (Which admittingly was the other CD I got for Christmas.) Having listened to the POISON greatest hits with mild entertainment, I put in VAULT and cranked the volume. It was immediately appearant WHICH band was superior. It was like night and fucking day, honestly. The dimensions in the music were awesome. The creative"ness" to the songs unique. And the signature sound was so defined in Def Leppard's music, that it brought goosebumps and a wave of memories.

Each and every song brought some sort of memory. "Rocket", "Armageddon It", Let's Get Rocked", and "Love Bites," were by far the most memorable -- and goosebump-evoking!

"So THATS who sings this song!!!" I shouted as Armageddon It played on.

I can remember sitting in the back of the car in 1988 (four years old) and listening to ROCKET on the radio. I remember loving it. And somehow, those haunting 'call to arms' vocals resonated within my brain bringing me back to that very point in 1988.

I had forgotten all about these songs! They were like audio landmarks that took me back to certain points in my childhood that I hadn't ever revisited up to that point.

So here I Def Leppard for the second time, after a dry-spell or "lepression" if you will. The band is in the studio making new music...there is a certain positive energy within the Leppard camp...and I have a feeling this next album is going to rock our socks off.

I can't fucking wait!

Love n Peace