Sunday, March 18, 2007

Vroom Vroom!

Let me start out by saying I feel great. Having a car is SUCH a big deal to me and suddenly I have all the freedom I need. Most of the things in my life that have depressed me are changing for the better, one by one. Finally!

Spring is here...although you wouldn't know it by looking at my car photos. (My apologies for the low quality btw...I'll take better ones tomorrow.) We've had bouts with 60 degree weather and blizzard like conditions all in one week! That's March in Pennsylvania though - such a tease! Birds are singing...and I am seeing the very first signs of spring. Warmer weather is on it's way - and as old man winter delivers his final blows to central Pennsylvania, he does so only to make us bigger spring fans. It's only a matter of time until spring overcomes him and takes all!

I've been driving a lot today. I'm really starting to feel comfortable driving again - although I don't sense any major roadtrips for awhile. At least not until I'm fully comfortable driving again. I'm also adjusting to the new car...I just LOVE him! He's beautiful, and smells so clean. It's an oldsmobile Alero - very well taken care of. LOVE IT! HA!

So yeah...I'm like a excited with my new toy. But most of all...the ability to get up and go whenever I please instead of wallowing in my self-disgust alone in this house. I now have the power to CHANGE that!

Gotta get a CD player for this thing so I can jam to some Def Leppard and No Doubt while I cruise town. Tonight I'm staying home though to avoid the drunks who are undoubtedly leaving the bars and vomiting green (St. Patty's Day) vomit.

Much love to all!

Love n Peace