Monday, May 07, 2007

Morel Quest Ctd...

Still no morels.

There are three basic kinds: black (earliest, 2nd place for taste), half-free ("good" edible), and yellow (most delicious!). In any case, the morel is taking over my life. I spend all my free time walking in small circles through bramble and thorn in hopes of even a tiny specimen to admire. Things are so dry here though...and the clock is ticking for morel season. It's aggravating not know when the next good rain will be.

sunset in owl hollow

I have what Michael Kuo refers to as M.I.S. (Morel Insecurity Syndrome). I need validation and I need it soon!!!!!!!

Rumor has it things are "behind" biologically...but yellows (the last to sprout) are beginning to pop up here in Pennsylvania which means blacks are probably starting to dissipate in availability.

I did manage to find these little guys:

dark-rimmed mushroom

ARGH! They're SO not morels. :(