Saturday, September 03, 2005

Before-Work Ramblings

My hands have becoming increasingly red, and itchy as the seasons change. I can't believe it's September freakin' third already! I <3 dermatitus! Boy oh boy...and to THINK I wouldn't even have this if I hadn't wasted 8 months of my life working as a dishwasher/pot scrubber.

When I put my itchy hands in hot water, they itch even more -- creating an amazing sensation of itchiness that is almost orgasmic, as I rule my eyeballs back into my head.

The simple act of washing ones hands becomes almost perverse.

As with everything else, it comes and goes. I'm told it increases with stress, as well as cool weather.

My ability to handle stress lately has amazed even me. It's like somewhere along the line God, or someone, gave me this breath of fresh air so I would be comfortable enough to make some changes in my life.

Taking into consideration that yesterday was a Friday, the first football game of the year for high school, people were lining up at our gas pumps waiting some 15 minutes for gas, and that we had a's a wonder that I handled it as well as I did.

Oh, and tonight is a Saturday night (again, busy), and we get to suffer through the very first Penn State football game crowds.

Oh well. I'll make it. ;)