Friday, September 23, 2005


Love.Angel.Music.Baby. has sold 5 million copies. I can't say I'm surprised, because with a total knock-out track like "What You Waiting For" to get the album moving up the charts, it was bound to be successful.


And I'm sorry, but the girl can sing. Her voice is unique. I've never gone for singers that sing technically. (See: Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston...all great singers.) Gwen's a rocker, and I enjoy hearing her live. To me, her voice is so much more unique, warm, and pleasant. She runs around on stage, focuses on giving fans a good visual performance.

I watched footage of her recording part of No Doubt's "Running" in the studio. She was trying not to laugh because Tony Kanal (bass) was leaving farts. Suddenly, she gets serious, and gets all emotive with her vocals...and it was something to hear! Let me tell you. She sings even better when she isn't prancing around on stage.

I give you exhibit A, and do enjoy -- for What You Waiting For is my favorite song of hers live.

"What You Waiting For: Yahoo! E..." By Gwen Stefani

And now, her latest video.

Video concept:

A successful Gwen Stefani looks meets up with her ex-boyfriend, and his new girlfriend for tea. The entire time, Gwen has flashbacks of the days before she was successful, and the good times he and she had together. (Hence the brunette hair on parts.)

"Cool" By Gwen Stefani

Rumors are flying around about the next single, which may very well be "Luxorious". I'm hoping it's just a rumor, because I was hoping for "Danger Zone" or "Serious" which is more in the vein of "What You Waiting For".

Oh well...she's on the October cover of Allure (gotta get that), and I've been cutting her out of all the raunchy celebrity magazines like mad.

I'm sick. I'm a sick, sick, boy.