Thursday, September 22, 2005


I went to King's resturant last night, which is a classic hang-out for me and my friends. It's the one thing that remains consistent throughout ALL my friends.

Last night, it was me, Sara, and Kelli.

I haven't seen Kelli since our trip to Pittsburgh to see Def Leppard. She's one of those people you need to take in mild doses or you just end up being totally mean and hateful. Sara? Well, I've missed her to pieces since she's had the baby -- so I was happy when her boyfriend decided to go drinking with his buddies. It was an opportune time for us to reconnect.

I ordered "King's Country Breakfast" which is probably one of the biggest heart cloggers on the menu. Diet and health usually takes a backseat when we visit.

I had drawn the waitress a cartoony fish the other night when I went with Wendy and her boyfriend, and I was pleased to find that she still had it tucked in her little waitress book "thing" last night.

Her name will have to remain anonymous however, because she gave us all dessert and drinks for free.

3 people, for under $6? A pleasant surprise indeed.

I should draw for people more often. I felt like a celebrity or something.