Monday, September 26, 2005

Fuck Off

I'm in a horrible mood, and I'm not totally sure what caused it. Probably a number of little things. Perhaps it's the knowledge that I have a 10.5 hour shift that starts for me tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock.

I worked today, and it went well. Lots of good conversation with my co-workers, virtually no lunch rush, and I got to work for 2 hours with super boy. (The new nickname for the cutie I work with btw.)

The weather is crappy, but we could use the rain. The streambeds are slowly filling up again with trickling water. At least the day is looking up for the minnows and crayfish.


Above all, something that is on my mind are these people that just won't leave me alone. They seek me out, only to torment me and cause me pain. It's as if they hate me for no appearant reason.

Take for instance my cousin's boyfriend. He's some 43 years old, and yet, he is threatening me, the 21 year old.

His story starts back in early summer, when my cousin's ex put me on the spot by giving me a note while I was working. I was sure to let him know that I didn't want involved in this, because I knew that my cousin's CURRENT boyfriend (the 43 year old) was a nut.

A few weeks went by and I did not pass the note on (I hadn't seen my cousin), until someone told my cousin that I had the note. She instant messaged me on AOL, which was unusual.

"I heard you have a note for me?"

"Yes, I do."

Up until that point I hadn't even read the note, but offered to type it out online. She agreed.

The note was simple, no sexual tone whatsoever. "Hey *****, hit me up. My number is: *** - ****"

She thanked me.

OK, so that was the end right? I mean, I had such a small role in this passing of a "note", how could anyone attack me out of this situation?

Well, my cousins 43 year old boyfriend found reason. Or rather, didn't need one.

One day at work, he came in and threatened to come after me if I stuck my nose in their business again.

Excuse me???

How did this involve me at ALL? I didn't speak a damn word of this entire situation, nor did I ask to be involved.

Needless to say, he still comes into the store -- although I'm not supposed to wait on him according to my district manager. He looks at me, and gives me a sarcastic chuckle.

This is harrassment.

I really honestly don't know why he is singling me out. He called my district manager and tried to tell her I was "making phonecalls" to family members and telling them about the incident. What's wrong with that?? After a long discussion, my district manager was basically laughing at him, saying he had issues and needed to grow up.

Needless to say he is banned from family gatherings on this side of the family.


Situation number 2 is yet another 40-some year old baby.

When he tried to cut line at work, I told him I had to take the customer who had been waiting in line first.

He gestured for the other person to step up, but they graciously let him pass.

He then told me "You don't have to wait on anyone but me asshole, now get me my cigarettes or your night is going to get a hell of a lot worse."

Another threat, which I will refuse to take. He's a piece of shit.


We won't touch base on any more, because I feel like I'm going to explode.

I'm fucking done with people. Terroristic threats from here on out will be reported.

Maybe when I start taking action, people will leave me the fuck alone.