Wednesday, September 07, 2005

iPod M.I.A.

I took a brisk walk tonight, iPodless.

Admittingly, it's not quite the same without music. (For those who are confused, my iPod is missing, and my CD player headphones, broken.)

But still somehow, even without the soundwaves of Def Leppard, Gwen, or No Doubt being absent, I managed. Instead, I was walking in a hypnotic trance with the raspy chants of the late summer katydids roaring from every oak along the way.

[ I called the police department and reported the iPod missing, just in case the person who has it can't figure out how to use it. Also, a desperate lunge to find an honest person in this town. ]

I'm coming off that natural high, which sucks, but tomorrow is another day. Time to start on another drawing.

By the way, P. Diddy, is now just Diddy. But somehow I couldn't care less.