Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Art Show Kick Off

Better early than on time is my motto. So, being early, I got the early worm special on where I wanted to put my piece.

Artwork by Michael E. Kensinger

There was a good amount of people that showed, although a significant amount of people that I had told about the show did NOT show up. The grandparents from my mom's side didn't show (and she wonder's why I'm closer to my other grandma), my aunt R didn't show, my matter/framer didn't show, and my best friend didn't show.

All was well though, as the Southern Allegehny Museum of Arts took great interest in my work, and encouraged me to apply for membership in the guild-like organization. In such a scenario, my artwork would be converted to slides and scrutinized by a council of local artists, and then the jury would decide if I could be a member.

If I had a dime for every hand I shook, I'd be rich. Many compliments flew my way, and our local newspaper interviewed, and photographed me and my work.

The CEO of the hospital also took keen interest in my work, and the director of marketing took plenty of photos of me, talking with the passersby.

After the exhibit, the public (who had tickets) went down town to Burley's resturant where they would see the culinary arts, and see some more artwork displayed, and then off the a local coffee shop (the one I've had artwork in before) for dessert and coffee. These joint functions were fused into the hospital plans to make one big event, which is expected to grow as word gets out.

As everyone began to clear out, I gathered up my easle and picture, placed it into my black portfolio and headed out to the car.

Then, my grandma was pointing at someone.

Channel 10 News had arrived, late, due to miscommunications between the executive producer, and those in charge of the show.

The man had a large video camera, and snagged me. "You're one of the artists, I need you to stay for this."

A friend of mine, Doug, the featured photography exhibit was also snagged, but did not want to be on television.

"I'm not a good public speaker!" he claimed, and then asked me to do it instead.

The news guy said "Well, actually we don't have much time. I'm going to interview the people who started this, rather than you guys."

Artwork by Michael E. Kensinger

So, in the end, we both sort of got blown off. But hey, maybe they'll be back for the next event. Or maybe the showing will get bigger, and attract more interest.

That would be cool.

Overall, a great end to a nice evening. And so I'm hooked. I booked for the 3rd annual show, and have already had offers to hang it in other exhibits locally.