Monday, September 12, 2005

Of Bars, Boys, and Shift Supervisors

I feel like I haven't worked at my j-o-b in ages. I guess that's because I haven't. In the past 7 days, I've worked once, which is bizarre. My hours were cut way back, farther than even I wished for. This is kind of forcing me to rely on art as a job, which is ok with me I suppose.

I'm gonna get a cell phone. I have a couple guys locally who would like to talk to me, and the prospect of new friends is pretty exciting.

I'm pretty supersitious, so I'll refrain from giving details until AFTER I meet them.


Friday night was a ball. After I got off work at 10, the hag and I went out to a local bar. (A bar that I said I would never visit.)

Surprisingly, it wasn't ALL old wrinkled rednecks. There was a younger crowd as well, even if a portion of them were ex-heroin addicts.

I kept to myself until the 4th captain kicked in, and then became the dance floor whore that I do after such an experience. The DJ was playing some great tunes, including Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl".

My fucking hag kept grinding on me though. She backs up into me constantly, trying to dance with me...completely masking any of the gay vibes I had been TRYING to send out earlier.

Suddenly, everying *thinks* I have a girlfriend -- which couldn't be farther from the truth.

Then again, it didn't stop her -- she danced with a guy, and ended up having a good time.

Afterward, we went up the road to another bar -- where I had far less fun.

No hangover Saturday morning.

Then I took the hags mom and aunt out to dinner, we went to the mall and I bought myself a fall jacket. (I've spent almost an entire check in one day already.) It's a cool forest green jean jacket with a gray hood. Maybe I'll model it for you all later.

Then up to her aunts, then back down to prepare to go to the same bar.

This time, my aunt came. We had a blast, and I had 7 captains through a straw with a yeager bomb. (Loved it.)

I was toasted. Thank GOD for designated drivers.

The hag had an empty stomach, which meant she got drunker, quicker. After the night of fun, it was time to go home...and time for HER to puke.

I stayed up till 3, holding her hair out of the way of her projectile vomit.

I could not get her off the bathroom floor, so I grabbed a Pittsburgh Steelers blanket and eased her onto it where she spent the rest of the morning.

OOOOOOOH...the wonders of being 21.

Again, I had no hangover.


So, here I's Monday, and back to work for me for awhile. Tonight is exceptionally exciting for me though, because I get to work with THE SUPERVISOR who happens to be cute. He's also sending out gay vibes, and I was told he asked if I worked there. (We haven't worked together yet.)

So, it SHOULD be an interesting night...and I should have an interesting entry for the end of the night.

With the prospect of all these "possible" guys, I sure hope one comes through for me and turns into something more. We'll play it by ear.

Stay tuned.

Peace, love, and hugs going out to all.