Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Too Much Tan

It was a case of too many tanning booth visits.

Although the guy underneath the bronze glaze of skin was attractive, the look wasn't natural for him, as his skin was almost the color of his hair. As long as his mouth was shut, he was still what I would call "cute". I would easily ignore the highlights in his hair, and the fake tan for a bubbling personality.

And then the smile.

Electrically white teeth. Fakely white, as if he'd been created by Jim Henson to promote dental hiegene.

So brilliant are his teeth against the fake tan that my attraction to him waned slightly. When he smiles, you can't help but stare at the white teeth. A cover up for insecurities that had likely been pacified by his own parents.

Me? I prefer more natural looking teeth. It's ok to be a bit uneven, or to have a gap in your teeth. It's ok if they don't look like the white chiclets, fuzed to your gums.

Tans are ugly. OK, not on all people -- but some need to learn where to draw the line. There's nothing wrong with being a little pale. I prefer it.

The only exception to that for me is with guys from India, or latino guys. Naturally tan guys, that don't have to work for a tan.

If you have light eyes, and light hair -- stay away from the tanning salon. Please?

And bleaching your teeth is ok...so long as you don't blind passersby.