Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Subway is delicious. The chicken bacon ranch wraps are to die for, and the cheese steak subs are awesome toasted with hot pepper cheese. Extra jalepenos! [And I will pay for it later.]

I have about 101 dalmations dollars left from Friday's check after I finally bought the arsenal of supplies needed to create some more artwork for the upcoming exhibit. I checked the balance at the ATM when I was out with my friend this afternoon. I was relieved to find my self-accusations were unjustified.

Tomorrow, the majority of it goes into my savings account for a car. I've been eyeing one up. It's not the prettiest car ever, but as long as it gets me from point A and point B, right?


The "supervisor" worked tonight, and I saw him crossing the parking lot with a clip board. He is such a cutie, honestly.

The previous post about tans and white teeth is about him. I really wish he wouldn't do these things to cover up his insecurities, because underneath it all, I see a naturally attractive person.

I'd really like to see what goes on in his mind, just for a minute. Is he gay?

If not, how many other straight guys carry designer name wallets?

Not many, especially in redneckville.


I've been downloading a host of Gwen Stefani tunes, mostly versions with just vocals, and backing vocals, live versions, or remixes. I always find stuff like that interesting with groups.

I'm hoping that the rough version of Def Leppard's upcoming "YEAH" album hits my mailbox pretty soon. I've enjoyed the album cuts so far, and from the recent Phil and Vivian interview in Guitar World Magazine, the studio album already has a few songs in progress. According to them, it's going to be rockier, live drums, louder guitars, and more raw. Probably one of the quickest albums they've done -- being that Def Leppard is famed for being overly articulate on their albums.

Phil Collen: "We're actually working on that already. The plan is to get a few songs on the go during this tour, at least. I think our next record should be a lot rawer, with thrashy, live, loud drums. More of a rock album."

Vivian Campbell: "No long, drawn-out, slow, slushy, syrupy ballads! [laughs] We also want to make it as easy and quick to do as the covers record was. I'm glad to say that, progressively, each record we've made has gotten quicker and quicker. But we still spend a lot of time looking up our own sphincters."

I found the last bit hilarious. I wish Vivian would do another diary entry on the official site, or even start one on HIS website.

Also, I love what Mark Senff has done with his website. I visit it more often than I did the other versions.